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Happy Easter and welcome to spring!!  Hoping for bright and sunny wheather where we can spend more time outdoors in the fresh air!

It is still an interesting market out there, lots of demand but little inventory. When you’re shopping for a home, you may become interested in a property for sale that someone else is also considering. In fact, there may be several other buyers entertaining the idea of making an offer. In such a competitive situation, what should you do if you really love that home? Obviously, you’ll need a good realtor who can get to action quickly and you will need to make some fast decisions!

Start by making certain the property fits within your price range. The last thing you want is to have an offer accepted and find out it is beyond your budget. That’s why it’s a good idea to arrange for financing before you go home shopping. Next, you want to make an offer that is so enticing to the sellers that they’ll put your offer at the top of the pile, if not close to it.

So, what makes an offer enticing? Obviously, price is a big factor. You want to go in at a price that’s attractive to the sellers, without overpaying. Imagine finding out later that the nearest offer to yours was $15,000 less. Ouch! Chances are your offer price will need to be at or slightly above asking. Find out what similar homes in the area recently sold for — what real estate agents call “comparables” — and use those as a guide. It’s also important that your offer contains few, if any, issues that may be concerning to the sellers. The ideal offer will feature:
• No conditions.
• A closing date that’s convenient for the seller.
• A deposit amount that shows you’re a serious buyer.
• Acceptance of any of the buyer’s “exclusions”. (For example, they want to take the fridge and stove with them.)
• Evidence you can get financing. (Many lenders offer a “Mortgage Preapproval Certificate”.) Although a “no conditions” offer is the most attractive, including a condition onpassing a professional home inspection is usually not a problem, so long as the inspection is done quickly. Avoid adding other conditions, such as “subject to financing approval” or “subject to the sale of buyer’s existing property”. 

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