Security Tips to assis you for an Open House

Do not leave credit card bills, utility statements, receipts, seller's contract, mortgage information, or this letter exposed on counters or dressers, in cupboards or in bedroom drawers. etc.

2. Do not leave jewelry, watches, rings, valuable perfumes/colognes or sunglasses in drawers, closets or on desks.

3. Do not leave liquor or wines out.

4. Place personal portable electronics such as cell phones, PDA's, remote controls, portable games, Ipods, cameras, laptops in a box for storage in the garage or personal safe. Thieves rarely spend time in a garage.

5. Do not leave cash, personal cheque books, address books, undeposited personal or government cheques, change jars, alarms codes, computer passwords, or spare keys in drawers, on counters or on desks.

6. Keep your wallet with you and your spare wallet or purse with alternate identification, passport, and credit cards in a secure personal safe, safe deposit box, or hidden in the garage.

7. Ensure your desktop computer has a personalized password screen saver and is secured by lock cable. Remove and store small external hard drives and components.

8. Remove personal and family photos, coin collections, stamp collections or other diplomas, certificates and degrees from your walls for safe storage.

9. Remove valuable or expensive clothing from your closets.

10. DO NOT MARK your storage boxes as "Valuables, "Electronics" or any title that would direct thieves to the contents. Make a note and store this note in your wallet as to the location of these

Open Houses are a valuable tool to showcase your home to potential buyers, who may not have agents or appointments. Open Houses are safe, but be aware there are some risks. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns and I would be happy to explain in detail.